Why good quality furniture isn't cheap

I recently found this video in a newsletter I received from Another County. The brand manufactures furniture and accessories in the United Kingdom & Portugal.

The video, which is very well produced in my opinion, captures all stages of the manufacturing process from sourcing materials, machining sawn Oak planks, to the finishing and branding of a simple 3 legged stool. It gives a good insight into where the costs of a product can be incurred, more so if produced in the UK.

Although I am familiar with the brand, it has taken a while for me to look closer at Another Country, how they operate and the products they produce. I like them a lot. A few buzz words from their blab, functionality, unpretentious, honest, simple, quality, timeless.


Mechanical Moving Furniture - OMA Architects

I have been been thinking about ways of incorporating mechanism into furniture aside of the obvious ironmongery. Here is a collection of furniture 'Tools for Life' designed by the office of Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. It is quite magical how these forms can be altered at the touch of a button. Below a rotating counter or room divide.

The furniture was designed for US furniture brand Knoll to coincide with their 75th anniversary. Along with the chair above and the acrylic table below, the range included a number for tables and chairs which could be adjusted in height by touching a single red button, which made me think of an ejector seat.....

You can see a larger article about the range at the link below:

or read more about the range on the OMA website:


Popcorn Furniture - Carl de Smet

I recently came across a video on the BBC website Titled - Self-assembling furniture 'grows like popcorn'. The link is posted below. Further research shows that the project was first published last year, but I feel its still worth a mention.

Carl de Smet - a designer from Belgium has been experimenting with polyurethane shape-memory polymers which can be formed into rigid, usable furniture at room temperature. The form can then be warmed to soften so then it can be compressed into a block of only 5% of its original volume.

The dense block of foam is then plugged into the mains to warm and as it returns to temperature foam structure grows eventually returning to its original form.


Display Cabinets - Now by Case

I am please to see British manufacturer Case are set to unveil one of the Hierve Design display cabinets I spotted during Design Junction last September. Part of a range of new products to be exhibited in Milan at EDIT (by design junction) the cabinets are a new take on the versions I posted a blog entry on last year, actually my first blog entry. I like the colour....

.....I have to admit I am not so sure about the handles though.


British Standard - Site Survey

A colleague sent me a link to this range of 'no frills' kitchen cupboards produced by Plain English. Normally producing bespoke kitchens costing in excess of £50,000, British Standard is a range of quality kitchen cabinets which answered a call offer 'back to basic' cupboards which ordinary people can afford - ‘sensible cupboards at sensible prices.’

I find the process very interesting, a lot of the cost of having a bespoke kitchen designed, manufactured and installed is eliminated as this is essentially a 'Do It Yourself' package. There is a very useful guide to each stage of the process, everything from creating your own site survey, designing your own kitchen - selecting from a range of standardised cupboards, to tips on fitting (should you be brave enough!). I have posted a link below to the page which explains how to survey your space, a very important part of the process when designing furniture for any environment.