Loppa - Paper Lamp Shade
Sunday, February 17, 2013 at 12:42PM

I really like this paper lamp shade by Florian Hauswirth for furniture label Foundry.

Of course using paper for a shade is nothing new, however one has to admire the intricacy and attention to detail shown here. A detail I like is the radius to the ends of the ribs which softens the what is otherwise quite an industrial looking design.

Below is an image I must credit to the Foundry website, although blatantly staged (look at how the knife and pencil sit:-) it does help understand some of the hard work which had gone into the development of the product.

As much as I really like Loppa, the complexity of the design and the appearance of the end product, it retails for £117. As I worked out with my Living Objects, it is difficult to ask for what is quite a large sum of money for a product made from paper, albiet a small 33cm in diameter lampshade.

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