British Standard - Site Survey
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 05:28PM

A colleague sent me a link to this range of 'no frills' kitchen cupboards produced by Plain English. Normally producing bespoke kitchens costing in excess of £50,000, British Standard is a range of quality kitchen cabinets which answered a call offer 'back to basic' cupboards which ordinary people can afford - ‘sensible cupboards at sensible prices.’

I find the process very interesting, a lot of the cost of having a bespoke kitchen designed, manufactured and installed is eliminated as this is essentially a 'Do It Yourself' package. There is a very useful guide to each stage of the process, everything from creating your own site survey, designing your own kitchen - selecting from a range of standardised cupboards, to tips on fitting (should you be brave enough!). I have posted a link below to the page which explains how to survey your space, a very important part of the process when designing furniture for any environment.

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