Spotted. 4 Legged Wooly Stool

Moving on to East London to visit 'Tent' during the Design Festival, I spotted these natty knitted stools. In a glowing orange, this covering surrounds a frame with 4 turned legs in Ash. As stated on her website 'With a sculptural approach to textiles, Claire-Anne explores form, construction and scale through the unique properties of knitted fabrics.'

I feel the stool above works particularly well because of the colour of wool used. I have found in my own work that structures appear more dynamic when shadows are cast within their volume. Of course, dark shadows contrast more with lighter, brighter tones.

I really admire the skill in transforming wool into such interesting forms.


Design Junction 2012. Display Cabinets.

I spotted a lot of beautiful products during the London Design festival, too many to mention. I do hope to post some photographs over the next few weeks starting with this Display Cabinet by Hierve design consultancy, who have offices in both London and Mexico.

After hours of looking at nicely refined chairs, coffee tables and side boards I was delighted to have stumbled across these well considered display cabinets. It can seem like many designers work hard producing similar alternatives to already existing products, when maybe a step in another direction can lead to great things and alternative, less saturated markets.

The cabinets work on many levels, being modular, a bespoke combination of storage options are offered. To help with merchandising the coloured internals can be removed for repainting.  They used high quality materials and the attention to detail and level of craftsmanship was very impressive.



ART 10 - 0 DESIGN 

Although I do have an interest in Art, I'd be the first to hold my hands up and opt out should anybody start a dreaded intellectual conversation discussing it's meaning. At a recent trip to the Damien Hirst retrospective at Tate Modern, amongst the many wonderful works, I couldn't help but pay particular attention to Hirst's Medicine Cabinets.

He may be a genius in the art world, but for the love of god his cabinet making skills are much to be desired.

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